Impact of ICT

There are many of other examples of ICT that affect our personal life, education and our social lives; these can be in many forms. Our Wi-Fi powered gadget have changed the manner in which we work, play, and even bring up our kids. The present workplaces environment would be unrecognisable to workers of the past thanks the advancements ICT that’s introduce emails system, video conferencing, tablets, smart phones, other relatively recent innovations. Meanwhile, increasingly more of our own personal time is impacted by our devices and gadgets (smartphone of course) as time passes by.

Stable and fast internet connections and instant communication is now the norm, the younger generation and now most of us can not live without. Our tech-dependent lifestyles has already causing huge changes in both the professional and personal life. The changes is of course inevitable we need to embrace it.

For the most of last century, we communicating professionally by composition letters, sending faxes, or investing hours on the telephone but not any longer. Email is currently the essential methods for correspondence in the cutting edge working environment. We are communicating more, smarter, quicker, and like nothing anyone’s ever seen previously. Also, employers have been receiving the benefits.

We do not leave technology at the work environment. Indeed, our private lives may be considerably more tech-empowered than our professional lives. During the 1980s and 1990s, our TVs were frequently the height of our home technology. Some people during that time had a clunky personal computer that is huge compare to the current one. These tech only available to those who can afford them and during that time it is pretty expensive. Now the owner of smart devices and personal computer has definitely increased dramatically. Now we have laptops, desktop computer, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, GPS-enabled cars and more new technologies are coming every day.

The only time we do not use these technologies is when we are sleeping at night. Technology is currently so integrated with our lives that abandoning it can cause serious uneasiness for a some. Professional, personal life and community lives are now technology dependent. The future will definitely embraced the advancement if ICT so we need to go with the flow.

ICT expand the tools for communication. Without ICT, communication would not have all the tools it has now at its disposal. The internet, websites, blogs, web journals, and social media would not exist without ICT. Communication would be reclaimed to the utilisation of regular papers, and TV and radio. Presently that would make it practically difficult to keep the world informed.

ICT makes communication fast and quick. Today, you can watch any event at any side of the world as it is going on. Live events and constant reporting are currently possible thanks to the technological advancement in communication. With ICT, communication is fast, exact and well focused on. Without these, mass communication would not be as compelling as the world knows it.

With ICT, mass correspondence is affordable. It is never again an expensive issue to pass information. With an internet connection and a PC, anybody can pass information to the world. It doesn’t cost anything to post news on Facebook, Twitter, and some other social media platforms. This is the reason why media outlets around the world are currently grasping technological change. It saves money on their communication procedure. Without ICT, it would be practically difficult to have people to contribute to the process of communication. 

Communication is currently ready to reach the mass. Thanks to technology, the world is informed without having to struggle for it. The part of mass reach would not be as you are aware of it today if ICT was not in the equation. It is technology that has opened up the world and made it simple for informations to flow from one corner to the rest of the world. Truth be told, mass media would not be as we probably know it today without the help of ICT.

It is no longer the time when if you wanted news you had to read a newspaper, watch television or listen to the radio. Today, you can get all information on websites, social media pages, and mobile devices. This diversification has made it possible for communication to be efficient, effective and reach all four corners of the world.

ICT upgrades free access to information. Mass communication will never be finished if its final result does not reach the expected users. ICT ensures that communication accomplishes its planned target of reaching the masses. Without technology, mass communication would not have the capacity to accomplish its objective. 

There is no denying that ICT plays a critical role in mass communication. That is the reason technology will keep on being at the focal point of advancing not only the access of information but also the creation of communication messages.

The media like television, radio and now the Internet increase an overall awareness of the masses. They enhance the general knowledge by providing us with information from all over the world. News broadcast through different media helps us know about the day-to-day events in the world. This is where internet influence role of distributing information to the masses. It also has introduces the concept of social media which is without a doubt taken the role of information distribution. So, in my opinion the internet has an indirectly and slowly has taken over the role of other electronic media. There are many examples of electronic media, They may include television, radio, fax, CD-ROMs, DVD, and any other medium that requires electricity or digital encoding of information. Most of this example has been considered obsolete to the current generation.

Not only does social media have a great affect on the life of individuals, but it also changes the manner we in which interact with each other from other parts of the globe. I trust that every media form I use in my daily life is valuable and efficient. I do think social media can become addictive, changes the way people perceive themselves, and other disadvantages. Social media has influenced a lot of individual lives throughout the world. From cultures to politics and other issues all over the world.

Media is any type of electronic communication platform going from TVs, radios, the internet usage and smart devices usage. From my experience, I should admit the impact of social media taking control over our lives. I have understood that social media impacts the manner in which we behave and interact with individuals in the general public.  The truth is we generally have a persistent urge check on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media platform.

We use social media on daily basis, we spend much of our time on these social media platform, as long as we know how to control ourself to not to get addicted with it. Through the internet and the social media, we are able to be updated on the happenings around the globe and other relevant information on this platform. Internet is here to stay and that is the bottom line. 

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