Rising of Unemployment of Fresh Graduates in Malaysia

The rising unemployment rate among fresh university graduates today is an upsetting trend. Now the pool of unemployed graduates is rising to worrying levels even in some high-growth economies. This is due to several factors or causes that result in the increase of the unemployment rate today. This article brings and discusses the main causes and issues/effects on the unemployment of many fresh graduates. It is expected that this study of unemployment will achieve the objective and highlights of some important issues which relate to unemployment in graduates.

The main cause of unemployment among graduates would be the lack of professional connections. (Alyssa Davis, 2014) For a fresh graduate, it is not often easier to find valuable contacts to recommend a job or get recommended. A valuable connection not only guides them in right direction but also helps fresh graduates to step into a job easily. Employers are followers of technology. They are in a constant search for a common connection that can fit in a vacant position in his organisation.

Another cause of unemployment among graduates would be the lack of experience. Fresh graduates often do not have any practical experience of work. (Heidi, 2014) The lack of experience interrupts their job application and causes a significant delay in their employment. The career portfolio of a graduate is important to make up with his/her inexperience. They can attend on-job training programs and internships to demonstrate their working skill and talent in looking for a suitable job. Besides that, the causes of unemployment may also be due to economic crisis and recession. It is a common problem because businesses stop making as much money and have to result in less or no employment of fresh graduates.

Unskilled and inexperienced workers such as fresh university graduates will suffer unemployment due to the fact that most employers will be looking for professional workers with a certain set of working skill to maintain the company’s performance during a recession. (Will Kimball, 2014) Effects of unemployment among graduates would be primarily financial issues. Graduates usually do not have enough savings or source of a stable income to support themselves, majority of them will face insufficient use of money daily. With the lost income and the frustration involved in it, the recently unemployed may develop negative attitudes toward common things in life and may feel that all sense of purpose is lost. Also, the effect of unemployment would include the loss of valuable skills and talent of fresh graduates.

The unemployed is not able to put his/her skills to use. And in a situation where it goes on for too long the person may have to lose some of his/her skills that is critical to their success in their field of study. To further complicate the situation, the longer the unemployed graduate is out of job the more difficult it becomes to find a new one. Employers find employment gasps as a negative aspect. No one wants to hire a person who has been out of work for some time even when there’s no fault of the individual per say.

In conclusion, if the unemployment issue among graduates is not solved, creation of problems to the unemployed graduates, nations, society and even the country will certainly arise. Furthermore, if the nation’s unemployment continues to be severing, riots and insurgency will be occurring across the country and halting the country trading. A significant lost towards the nation will arise due to this serious problem. Therefore, more on-job training, internships, proper guidance and counselling will help many graduates understand the causes of unemployment.

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