Difference between MBps and Mbps

One factor that sometimes causes people to get confused is the difference between a Megabyte (used for file size) and a Megabit (used for download speeds). People also believe that a transfer rate of 1 megabit per second (1 Mbps) would allow them to transfer a 1 megabyte file in one second. This is not the case, a Megabit is 1/8 as large as a Megabyte, which means you will need a bandwidth of 8 Mbps to download a 1 MB file in 1 second. The disparity between the Gigabyte (GB) and the Gigabit (Gb) is the same, with the Gigabyte 8 times greater than the Gigabit.

MBps is for megabytes per second. MB is used for size of file.

Mbps means megabits per second. Mb is used to download and upload rates.

You can notice these words when you download a file from the Internet or transfer data from one computer to another. They demonstrate the rate of data transfer. Your link speed (download and upload) will be displayed as megabits per second. But, you’re uploading or storing megabytes.

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