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Some Tech History

1. When was the first website created? The first website built was at CERN within the border of France, and was first put online on 6 August 1991: Info.cern.ch was the address of the world’s first-ever web site and web server, running on a NeXT computer at CERN. 2. Who wrote the first computer program? Augusta Ada King, Countess of… Read more →

Another 9 Tech Fun Facts

1. How do capacitive touch works? They work with anything that holds an electrical charge – including human skin. (Yes, we are comprised of atoms with positive and negative charges!) Capacitive touch screens are constructed from materials like copper or indium tin oxide that store electrical charges in an electrostatic grid of tiny wires, each smaller than a human hair. There are two main… Read more →

Tech Security Facts

Below are some fun facts on technology security facts that I have compiled from various resources. 1. How is websites made secure from hackers? Website developers use a technology called cryptography to protect information from unintended audiences and encrypt it. Cryptanalysis, in turn, is the art and science of breaking encoded data. Modern cryptography uses advanced math (algorithms) equations and… Read more →

Technology Facts and Statistics

Technology is changing so fast that most of us don’t even recognise these changes. Many people have yet to realise just how rapid and profound the current digital revolution is. The pieces are in place to completely change the face of products, technologies, organisations, and entrepreneurship. Below is a list of 20 Fascinating Technology Facts which I find are pretty… Read more →