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AI – The Future of Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most groundbreaking technologies that has taken the world by storm in recent times. With its vast potential to improve the quality of life for humans, it has become one of the most important areas of research, investment, and innovation in the modern era. What is AI? Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human… Read more →

Computer Security - Padlock

Computer Security in plain English

Computer security refers to the measures that are taken to protect computer systems and networks from unauthorised access, attacks, and other threats. It involves protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems and the data they store and process. There are many different types of computer security measures, including: By implementing these and other security measures, organisations and individuals… Read more →

Quantum computing

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers are a type of computer that use quantum mechanics to store and process data. They have the potential to solve certain types of problems much faster than classical computers because they can exploit the properties of quantum mechanics to perform operations on multiple pieces of data at the same time. One key feature of quantum computers is that… Read more →


Making presentations and infographics easier and faster

How to make presentations and infographics easier and faster than PowerPoint? This Online design tool from is for creating incredible presentations, animations, banners, reports, infographics and other visual content. The service is free and has no time limit, although there are small templates and storage caps (100 megabytes). However, it is enough for your general purposes. It runs on… Read more →

Ways Hackers Access Facebook Accounts

Disclaimer: This post is only for security purposes don’t try any illegal activity I’m just sharing these methods so you can protect your Facebook account from these types of hacking attacks. Mostly Hackers use these methods to hack Facebook accounts, so protect yourself from hackers. Must Read!!! and beware of attacks from hackers. Method 1: Hack Facebook Account Password By… Read more →

Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?   Let us try to understand the concept of Social Engineering attacks through some examples. Example 1 You must have noticed old company documents being thrown into dustbins as garbage. These documents might contain sensitive information such as Names, Phone Numbers, Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Addresses, etc. Many companies still old tech like using carbon… Read more →


Decentralized file sharing enables you to set a password.

The service leverages the IPFS communication protocol and offers fast sharing of files up to 32 GB. Files are encrypted right in your browser. Using this file sharing no one can access your files unless you want to. As of 31 October 2022, this service is still under beta.

To use it you need:

1️⃣ Go to the link.

2️⃣ Click “Add Files” and select the files.

3️⃣ Check “Encrypt with password“, set a password and click “Share“.

Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning

4 ways AI can improve your life

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used and affects the world around us. We are familiar with machine learning, computer programming and even the concept of artificial intelligence. But what is artificial intelligence? How does it work? Artificial intelligence refers to the use of computers to mimic human beings or natural intelligence. In this post, we will be discussing how artificial… Read more →

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should treat all content and users on the internet equally and fairly. It is to avoid discrimination against certain types of content and keep the internet “open” by preventing ISPs from imposing certain restrictions on usage. In other words, net neutrality encourages all types of legal internet traffic – data… Read more →

​​How does Automatic Display Brightness control work?

The device may automatically control the display brightness using different methods. In one embodiment, the device may measure the ambient light (lux) using a front-facing ambient light sensor (ALS) and a rear-facing ALS. In one embodiment, in addition to the front-facing and rear-facing ALSs and/or front and rear cameras, the device may utilize edge ALSs. In one embodiment, in addition… Read more →