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Computer Security in plain English

Computer security refers to the measures that are taken to protect computer systems and networks from unauthorised access, attacks, and other threats. It involves protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems and the data they store and process. There are many different types of computer security measures, including: By implementing these and other security measures, organisations and individuals… Read more →


How to master blind typing?

Here is another site that can improve your typing speed. You can do this with Ratatype, a service designed for learning how to type blindly using all 10 fingers.

How it works: You first take a test to find out your typing speed. Once it’s completed, you’ll be classified and receive a certificate confirming your skills.

Next, you need to register, choose the right course and take it regularly to develop the skill.


How to create your own QR code?

To do this, let’s use the QR-code-monkey, which is capable of encoding links and text, as well as offering different variants of the image design.

In order to make a code, you only need to insert your information and generate and download the image.

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Protect Website against hacks

How to protect your Website against hacks? An organisation can adopt the following policy to protect itself against web server attacks. 🌀SQL Injection– sanitizing and validating user parameters before submitting them to the database for processing can help reduce the chances of being attacked via SQL Injection. Database engines such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, etc. support parameters and prepared statements.… Read more →

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Get rid of Facebook tracking

Facebook can track almost all of your online activities. And the Like and Share buttons keep track of which pages you’ve visited (even if you haven’t clicked them). Getting rid of this with the help of Facebook Container — an extension for Firefox. To use it, just follow the link and download it. Upon activation, all Facebook tracking elements will… Read more →


Making presentations and infographics easier and faster

How to make presentations and infographics easier and faster than PowerPoint? This Online design tool from is for creating incredible presentations, animations, banners, reports, infographics and other visual content. The service is free and has no time limit, although there are small templates and storage caps (100 megabytes). However, it is enough for your general purposes. It runs on… Read more →