You need Windows Powertool!!!

Your Windows is running slow? You need this tool to make it run faster…

Windows Powertool is a windows 10 and 11 utility designed to provide a one-click solution to reduce and trim down an unnecessary burden that comes by default with windows.

From user’s perspective most things are useless like Ads, Telemetry which is a Microsoft data collection service, Bloatware which is preinstalled sponsored apps, User activity history, diagnostic tracking services, Cortana and many more. Windows Powertool helps you to Improve speed, remove bloatware, protect privacy, eliminate data collection and more.

Windows Powertool

How to use

Use the following command in Powershell to start Windows Powertool OR view the source code and use that raw code in Powershell.
it automatically creates a System restore point when you click Optimize. This allows you to revert back completely if you want. (undo Optimization)

iwr -useb|iex

Main Features


  1. Optimize
  2. Revert Optimize
  3. Set Services to Manual

Removal Section

  1. Remove/reinstall Bloatwares
  2. Remove/reinstall OneDrive
  3. Remove/reinstall Microsoft Store

System Setting (Disable and Enable)

  1. Power Throttling
  2. Dark / Light Mode
  3. Cortana
  4. System Animation
  5. Ultra Power Mode
  6. Action center
  7. User Activity History
  8. StartMenu web Search
  9. Timer Resolution
  10. Background apps
  11. Network Performance
  12. News and Interests
  13. Disk Cleanup
  14. Reset Windows Update

Backup / Restore

  1. Create system restore point
  2. Restore the system restore point

Tested on Windows 11, worked as intended.


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