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Ways Hackers Access Facebook Accounts

Disclaimer: This post is only for security purposes don’t try any illegal activity I’m just sharing these methods so you can protect your Facebook account from these types of hacking attacks. Mostly Hackers use these methods to hack Facebook accounts, so protect yourself from hackers. Must Read!!! and beware of attacks from hackers. Method 1: Hack Facebook Account Password By… Read more →

Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?   Let us try to understand the concept of Social Engineering attacks through some examples. Example 1 You must have noticed old company documents being thrown into dustbins as garbage. These documents might contain sensitive information such as Names, Phone Numbers, Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Addresses, etc. Many companies still old tech like using carbon… Read more →

Tech Security Facts

Below are some fun facts on technology security facts that I have compiled from various resources. 1. How is websites made secure from hackers? Website developers use a technology called cryptography to protect information from unintended audiences and encrypt it. Cryptanalysis, in turn, is the art and science of breaking encoded data. Modern cryptography uses advanced math (algorithms) equations and… Read more →