History of XAXAXA

Figure 1.0 – XAXAXA

HAHAHA NO! its XAXAXA (see figure 1.0) that was how I type laugh when I was moblogging on TA – Textamerica.com… it was really fun being on TA for couple of years but its still an awesome place on the internet. If you guy own a camphone & you don’t know what to do with it, register yourself to textamerica.com…. what the heck I’m doing? Promoting Textamerica on blogspot.com? XAXAXA

XAXAXA became a trend on TA its used to be hottest catch phrase on TA… XAXAXA Ok… Let me tell you the story on how that term “XAXAXA” came about. Don’t worry its not a very long story but I’ll try to make long so I got something to type here, this is a written blog any how. Aight! as you all know now & some do not know… I, ReMMy is the biggest slacker ever known to man hahaha its became a trend I admitted that! Because that is so goddamn true! I work from 9 – 6 & I’m in I.T. Department that makes me the qualified to be a Slacker not just an ordinary Slacker, a 9 – 6 Slacker… YAY for me! But sad for my company XAXAXA but what the heck “I’M IN I.T.” what else would I do? You tell me.

I’m here is to tell you the origin of “XAXAXA” ok so here is goes! As a slacker I’m really lazy to do it in a long way I always find a shortest method to do anything so I can finish everything quickly. Everyone else type HAHAHA or LOL or :-)) & so on. Being me, lazy & I do not like to copy others work & I always try to be unique & I love Russian websites!!! So I came out with XAXAXA that is the quickest way for me to type on the QWERTY keyboard. The letter “H” for me is way to far from the letter “A”. the other nearest letter Q W S X & Z, so I played all the letters & that was how I came out with XAXAXA its sound cool sound like a laugh so I got stuck with it till today!


XAXAXA now you try it! Btw slacking rules you should try it! But don’t blame me when you get caught XAXAXA


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