I’m a \m/etaller \m/etallist these are my new playlist song new & some are classic not classical songs HAHAHA, I’m a \m/etaller \m/etallist these are my current playlist some are new & some are classic not classical songs but I do listen to em too HAHAHA, Amatory – Discovery, Neizbeznost, Vecno Priacetsia Sud’ba they are a king of Russian Metal they sound awesome!!! Angel Witch, Anthrax – Attack Of The Killer B’s this is classic!, Axxis – Paradise In Flames, Bal-Sagoth – The Power Cosmic, Bloodthorn – Genocide, Cannibal Corpse – Kill those are some new stuff, some Carcass album Heartwork (My favourite), Necroticism-Descanting the Insalubrious & Symphonies Of Sickness, Chimaira self-titled album, Chimaira – The Impossibility Of Reason, the filthy awesome Cradle Of Filth – Vempire, Cruachan – Pagan, Dagoba – What Hell Is About Yoda listen to this! XAXAXAXAA, Danzig – Circle Of Snakes, Daylight Dies – Dismantling Devotion, Decapitated – Organic Halucinosis, Demon Hunter – The Triptych, Fragments Of Unbecoming – Sterling Black Icon – Chapter III (Black But Shining), Gojira – From Mars To Sirius, Graveworm – As The Angels Reach The Beauty, Holy Moses – Strength Power Will Passion.

IN FLAMES damn this is one great band from Sweden listening to all their album for my gym session… In Twilight’s Embrace – Buried In Between, Kreator – Enemy of God & Violent Revolution, Light This City – Remains of the Gods, Lordi – The Arockalypse HAHAHAHA this band got one funny name! LORDI! XAXAXAXAXAXA

Back to classic Heavy Metal sound Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction, Rust In Peace & Youthanasia, Misfits – Walk Walk Among Us, the entire discography of Morbid Angel!!! I always love da grind sound so Napalm Death – The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code rules!!! NOFX – Never Trust A Hippy this album suck!, Orden Ogan – Testimonium A.D, Remembering Never – God Save Us.

Rob Zombie – Past, Present & Future this dude made awesome gore movies love da sequent of House Of a 1000 Corpse, Devil’s Reject… dude you guys must watch da sequent! Searing Meadow – Corroding From Inside…

Secret Garden – Earthsongs… wot the hell!?!? Hahaha yupe it’s a gothic new age yupe me listen too XAXAXAXA

Signs of Darkness – The 17th Floor, why now 13th floor? XAXAXA, Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics must have album Six Feet Under tribute to classic band like, AC/DC, Savatage, Scorpions & ect… download it & listen to it now. Slatanic Slaughter Tribute to Slayer II another tribute album…

Unswabbed – Instinct they are French I think? Various Artist – Northwest Deathfest Promo CD From Seattles one and only deathmetal festival!!! Support the Underground, Void of Silence – Human Antithesis, White Skull – The Dark Age, Within Y – Extended Mental Dimensions, Yyrkoon – Unhealthy Opera & more I can list em all… to be continue!


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