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Assorted title cassette tapes

Why music makes us feel good?

Nobody knows why music influences our emotions so profoundly. But we have a few interesting hints thanks to some recent studies. Why are we enjoying music? This one works on several levels, like most good questions. At certain stages, but not all of us have answers. We like music because it’s nice for us. Why do we feel confident about… Read more →

Google tricks to Find Almost Anything from The Internet

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I’m a \m/etaller \m/etallist these are my new playlist song new & some are classic not classical songs HAHAHA, I’m a \m/etaller \m/etallist these are my current playlist some are new & some are classic not classical songs but I do listen to em too HAHAHA, Amatory – Discovery, Neizbeznost, Vecno Priacetsia Sud’ba they are a king of Russian Metal… Read more →